Main title one

Frontend: The frontend software consists of everything the user can see and interact with. This includes the text on the screen, the images the user can see and all the buttons the user can press. Frontend is usually built using three different languages which are explained below.

  1. HTML – HTML specifies what object are on the screen and their hierarchies. So, the huge header that you see at the top of the page would be inside the header tags in the HTML code. The paragraph below the header would be inside the paragraph tag and html uses this code to put each object on the screen that the user can view.
  2. CSS – CSS is what is used make the entire web page look pretty. It adds the colourful background, different fonts to the text on the webpage and is responsible for how the webpage looks in term of its artistic design. While HTML can be thought of as a simple table made out of wood, CSS is the paint and decorations we put on the table to make it pretty.
  3. JavaScript – Now the above two languages are used to build the look and content of the website but JS is used to get all the data that is used to built the frontend. Imagine if the HTML code had a field which needed the list of all the cities in the world, where would the webpage get the data from? JS takes care of any data needs by asking the backend for the data. It does this by forming a question like “Give me a list of all the cities” using URL requests (which you can learn more about HERE), and sending it to the backend and get a reply from the backend and using it on the frontend.

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